Exactly what’s included in a flat fee HAR.com listing from Creekstone Real Estate?

We get this question about once a week, so we thought we’d address it here.  I’m going to bullet point the list of items most folks ask about and then refer you to our price list for the nitty gritty (we offer a lot in our listing packages – more than almost every other broker out there).

  • Yes, it’s a “flat fee” listing and it will appear on HAR.com.  (read: Why is it called a Flat Fee Listing?)
  • Yes, you’ll have listing photos.
  • Yes, we’ll let you have the max photos allowed by MLS in Houston (that’s 50) – no extra charge.
  • Yes, we’ll advertising your open house – no extra charge.
  • Yes, we’ll create a virtual tour if your property – no extra charge.
  • Yes, we’ll market your property on our social media channels – no extra charge (seeing a pattern yet??).
  • Yes, we’ll change your listing without charging you for it.
  • Yard sign?  Yes – no extra charge.
  • Lockbox?  Yep…no extra charge
  • There’s a whole lot more to our listings..check out a comparison of a flat fee listing vs. 6% listings.

We’re not a “listing service” where you pay us a fee, get listed, and then you have to hunt us down to get a question answered.

We want to work with you – we’ll help tune your listing, troubleshoot issues, pick the best offer (for you), do periodic pricing analysis if your property isn’t getting the traffic you expect, and more.  We enjoy working with people that want to get their property sold, not have it linger on the market for months at a time.

If you’re not ready to order your listing from us today, we recommend heading over to our price list and creating a bookmark so you can find it when you’re ready.  If you still have questions, we have an exhaustive FAQ list you can read.

One last parting thought.

The average sale price for a pre-owned home in Houston in 2019 was $325,785.  With a “regular” Realtor you’d pay out a $9,773 to list your house – with us? $795.  That’s a nice savings.