Video Transcript

00:00:00.659 Meet sally seller.

00:00:02.850 Sally wants to sell her seashell house. You know, the one down by the seashore?

00:00:08.380 But Sally doesn’t want to pay the high fees her Realtor® friends want to charge.

00:00:12.610 Sally is also a SAVVY seller.

00:00:15.349 She read her Realtor® friends listing agreement and realized that EVEN if she sells her seashell

00:00:19.949 house on her own she’ll still have to pay the full commission.

00:00:23.970 How can THAT be fair?

00:00:26.130 Luckily, Sally discovered Flat Fee MLS Listings by Creekstone Real Estate

00:00:31.920 Creekstone Real Estate charged Sally a single flat fee to list her house in the local MLS.

00:00:38.100 If Sally sells her seashell house to a buyer without an agent, the only commission Sally

00:00:43.180 will pay is the flat fee to Creekstone Real Estate.

00:00:46.790 Sally will EVEN continue to get support from a licensed agent all the way to closing.

00:00:52.100 Sally is a SMART savvy seller who saved thousands on the sale of her seashell house down by

00:00:56.989 the seashore.

00:00:58.580 Sally ALSO used Creekstone Real Estate’s Buyer Rebate program to get up to 2% cash back on

00:01:03.890 the purchase of her brand new lake house.

00:01:06.720 Sally upgraded from seashells to ski boats and saved a ton of cash in the process.

00:01:11.720 Order your flat fee MLS listing from Creekstone Real Estate today and YOU can save thousands

00:01:17.510 on the sale of YOUR house just like Sally did.