Ready to sell your home in Houston, TX? Researching flat fee MLS listing services?

Flat rate MLS listings are a fantastic way to list your home for sale in Houston, TX and save thousands in commission at the closing table.

Creekstone Real Estate offers three discount MLS listing packages at attractive rates that won’t force you to compromise on quality or features. We offer two packages with a single upfront flat rate to list your house in MLS and we also offer no-upfront fee package to list in MLS.

All three packages require a Buyer’s Agent commission that is ONLY payable if the buyer is represented, if the buyer isn’t represented you pay NO ADDITIONAL COMMISSSION.

Estimated Flat Fee MLS Savings for Texas Markets

The real estate industry has been fighting to keep the traditional 6%-7% listing model in place for a long time and it’s beginning to lose ground to more appropriately priced flat fee Realtor® services.

Region Median Price 6% Listing 3% + Flat Fee Estimated Savings
Texas overall $245,900 $14,754 $7,872 $6,882
Austin $331,000 $19,860 $10,425 $9,435
Fort Worth $252,300 $15,138 $8,064 $7,074
Dallas $297,400 $17,844 $9,417 $8,427
San Antonio $237,400 $14,244 $7,617 $6,627
Houston $246,300 $14,778 $7,884 $6,894

Data from Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University

Creekstone Real Estate’s processes for flat fee MLS listings are entirely built around providing virutal real estate services to sellers. We’re more accessible than traditional Realtors®, we’re more responsive, and we’re constantly working towards an all digital workflow to try to eliminate the paper shuffle.

Our Goal Is To Get You Sold

Unlike many discount MLS brokers, we don’t just take your listing and let it gather dust in MLS. If you’re not getting showing activity or offers within a reasonable amount for your local market, we’ll often take a closer look to see if there’s something that can be improved on with your listing and we may reach out by phone or email to see how things are going.

We’re A Texas Only Listing Service

Creekstone Real Estate focuses solely on the Texas real estate market unlike other brokers that take listings in multiple states.

We believe that by concentrating our efforts on Texas flat fee listings we can provide you with a much higher level of service than other brokers that try to stay current on local and legal issues in multiple states.