Seller FAQS

Q. Will my property appear on

Yes, your property will appear on (Homes and Realtors) formerly known as the Houston Association of Realtor's. is Texas's premier MLS listing website with over 798 million page views in 2018. You'll also appear,, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Movoto and numerous other sites that take syndicated listings from MLS.

Q. Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees to list your property. The price you pay to list your property is the only price you pay to list. We don't charge for things like listing changes, additional photos, or adding a Seller's Disclosure form to your listing.

Q. How do potential buyers/tenants contact me?

Your phone number will appear in the MLS agent remarks so represented buyers will have your contact information. Unrepresented buyers can call the number on the yard sign and will be directed to our website where they can get your contact information. Leads that come in as a result of your property will be forwarded to you as long as your property is Active in MLS.

Q. I'd rather not place an order online, can I just call you to get listed?

Yes, we'll take listing orders over the phone for any of our flat fee MLS listing packages. You'll still need to complete the required forms and provide the minimum photos for your listing.

Q. How quickly can I have my property listed in MLS?

Your property can be active in MLS the same day you register by providing us with complete listing paperwork: Listing Agreement, MLS property information, the minimum required photos for your listing type, and any disclosures required by law (typically the Seller's Disclosure, required by Texas Property Code Section 5.008 and for homes built prior to 1978 the Lead Based Paint Addendum, required by federal law.).

Q. Is this a FSBO Listing?

No, your listing will appear in MLS just like every other listing. It will also appear on, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Movoto, and numerous other sites that take syndicated listings from MLS.

Q. Are you based in Texas?

Yes, unlike most flat fee MLS listing websites, Creekstone Real Estate is local to Texas and only services the Texas market. Your MLS listing will be handled directly by Creekstone, not by a broker that has paid to receive leads from a nationwide lead generation company.

Q. Can I list my property in MLS without a Realtor?

Unfortunately you cannot list your property in MLS without a Realtor®. You can, however, list your property in MLS for a flat fee and avoid the typical 3% listing commission charged by most Realtors®. If you list with us and you find a buyer who isn’t represented by an agent, you can even avoid the buyer’s agent commission – this means the total fees for your listing would be only what you paid for your listing package.

Q. Can I list multiple properties at the same time?

Yes, you can either place an order online for each property or you can call or email us ( and we'll get the process started.

Q. What's the catch? Why doesn't everyone do this?

There’s no catch. Believe it or not, a lot of properties are listed this way in MLS, there’s just no way to determine how many because the listing agreements are private between the seller and the listing agent. Some people are skeptical because it sounds too good to be true – we do offer a no up-front fee traditional listing if you just feel guilty about saving so much money with our other options. Call or email for details.

Q. Can I cancel my listing at any time?

Yes, you may cancel your listing at any time without penalty, provided it is not under contract to sell. **NOTE: Seller OR Broker may cancel a listing at any time, however, Seller cannot cancel a listing while under contract.

Q. Can I list my property in more than one MLS?

Yes, you only have to purchase a minimal additional listing for each MLS you wish to be listed in and complete any paperwork required by that MLS. Your additional listings will run concurrent with your primary listing and expire on the same day as your primary listing regardless of the listing package you choose.

Q. Can I list my house for sale and for rent?

Yes, call or chat with us for more details.

Q. What happens if my property doesn't sell?

Listings are set to automatically expire either 6 or 12 months after they go active in MLS depending on the package you chose. You may extend your listing by 6 months for $50 or by 12 months for $75 prior to your listing expiration date.

Q. Will you list a property for which I have equitable interest?

We do not currently market what is commonly referred to as a "wholesale" property. We'll be happy to list your property after you close and provide proof of ownership.

Q. What is equitable interest and how does it relate to the sale of a property?

Many wholesalers secure equitable interest in a property through a signed purchase agreement with the current owner. They then market their equitable interest, in this case a signed purchase agreement, at a set price to buyers. The new buyer typically agrees to purchase the equitable interest (purchase agreement) from the wholesaler for an agreed on assignment fee and then close on the property according to the terms in the original purchase agreement. TREC adopted an equitable interest rule in 2017 that attempts to address this type of activity. The Texas Association of Realtors explains a bit more about the new equitable interest rule. Regardless of the new TREC rule, Creekstone Real Estate does not market equitable interest as a flat fee service.

Q. Will you take a Net Listing?

We do not currently take Net Listings from Investors or Owners.

Q. What is a Net Listing?

In a Net Listing, the Seller (property owner) agrees to accept a fixed price and the Listing Brokerage agrees that their commission would be the difference between the fixed price and the sale price. For example, Sally Seller agrees to accept $100,000 for the sale of her property. Bobby Broker markets the property at $125,000 and receives a full price offer. The net commission in this case would be $25,000. We believe this places the Broker's interest above the Sellers interests which is a breach of a Broker's fiduciary duty to their client. TREC Net Listing Information

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Creekstone Real Estate is determined to help save you money on the sale of your property. Our only question is are you ready?

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to save money?

Creekstone Real Estate is determined to help save you money on the sale of your property. Our only question is are you ready?