Flat Fee listings in the $75-$95 range are almost always limited service listings, not full service listings. When a buyer’s agent researches a listing and determines that the brokerage you’re listed with handled a lot of limited service listings they’ll be less likely to want to make an offer on your property?

Why is this?
With a limited service listing, the buyer’s agent will be dealing directly with you (the seller).

This may not sound like a big deal to you but to a professional with a license on the line, it can be a huge negative. Sellers aren’t typically educated in all the legal disclosures that have to be made during the course of a transaction, nor are they familiar with a normal timeline and what has to be done and when.

Essentially if it’s you (the seller) and a licensed buyer’s agent handling the transaction, that buyer’s agent is probably going to be doing all the work of the listing agent and the buyer’s agent for whatever commission you’ve offered them. There aren’t a lot of people in this world that are willing to do the work of two people for half the pay.

At Creekstone Real Estate, we ONLY offer full service listings.

Our Silver listing package is geared for investors who want the closest thing to full service without the interference from an agent but with full support, so even if we’re not providing negotiation assistance, the opposing side (buyer) will still only be dealing with us.  All your paperwork will pass through our hands, we’ll still review it to for completeness, accuracy, potential issues, and red flags.

Check out our Flat Fee Listings – if you’re not to hot on the idea of paying up front, we also have a 1% no up-front fee listing that will still net you a significant savings.